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Solar Inverters

SolarTech presents a wide range of solar inverters in Pakistan providing alternate power solutions by converting Direct Current (DC) to Alternate Current (AC) so that you can enjoy an uninterrupted power supply all day long.

Our products range of  On-grid and Hybrid inverters ranging from 3 KW to 60 KW depending upon the electric energy requirements of the project.We have successfully installed our inverters on domestic and commercial sites including industrial and agricultural entities.Designed using state of the art materials, our solar inverters are all-weather resistant and made to last for many years.

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  • Your Reliable Solar Inverter Provider

  • We are an inverter manufacturer with 8 years of experience, We produce hybrid inverters , low frequency inverters, and high frequency inverters for all kinds of off-grid system installations, large or small, whether in homes, outdoor buildings, hotels or any project with a power range of inverters to give you a 110-380V power supply.
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01- OnGrid Solar Inverter

An on-grid inverter converts solar power DC which is constantly varying and feed it into the mains power supply.

510 15, 20 25, 50 80,110, 120 kw Available.

02- Hybrid Solar Inverter

A hybrid solar inverter is a piece of equipment that is created by combining a solar inverter and a battery inverter into a single unit.

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